Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 4

"A picture of your night."

Unh. This post isn't easy to write. Why? Because that green light in the background of this photo is my clock, and it says 4:24. Yeah, AM.

Lately, my son has been getting up at this time every single night. He will probably stay awake until somewhere around 6. This is the only time of day you will see this mommy give in to the call of Baby Einstein. Winston is full of energy when he wakes up, and I don't have the energy at this time of night/day to keep up with him.

What terrifies me about this is the fact that we'll be putting away the bottles this week, which means any chance of him going back to bed easily during these wake ups disappears. Somehow, a sippy cup does not have the same comforting effect. He just doesn't seem to get enough food during the day yet, and wakes up for 6 ounces of formula during the night. The formula disappears this week, too. He likes milk, so I'm not too worried about that one.

It just seems that we are expected to flip a switch when he turns one. No more bottles. No more formula. More solid foods. He should be saying "this many" words. Our pediatrician already gives me dirty looks, so I'm dreading his 12 month appointment. How do I explain to her that even if he's not quite up to speed in certain areas, he's still leaps and bounds in front of other kids in his MacGyver skills? He's perceptive and quick and can find the tiniest gap through which to escape into the kitchen. I see the evil genius in my kid.

See? I don't just get up with him at night. It's the time when I worry. And that's my night.

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Amanda said...

Oh Kristin!
I feel your pain on this one! Noah gets up by 5 everyday...since he was born! There is an occasional sleeping in to 530 but they are far and few between and normally are around a growth spurt. Enough to get my hopes up, but he dashes them just as quickly when he goes back to his earlier schedule.
don't worry about the bottles and stuff to much. Do it in your time and remember you are the mom and you make decisions for Sam.
I thought that Noah would have a much harder time giving up the bottle but it wasn't that big of a deal to him. I took one away at a time over about a month...with his night time one being the last to drop. When I dropped it though he never fussed or anything. I cried...okay I bawled knowing it was the last bottle, but Noah was fine with it.
I no that Noah isn't really behind in his speech, even though I feel like he is, but every kid is different. Elaney, Nikki and I all have boys who are within 2 weeks of each other and they are all so different. Noah started talking first, and Nikki's took longer even though he is "older" but i believe that Elaney's baby now says the most. You just never know. They are different, but they will all get there eventually.
I think I read that you have to have Sam's hearing checked which will be great if something is not right, but even so he will get there in his own time and he will catch up to where he is supposed to be. If he uses signs those should really be counted as words too since he knows what they mean and can use them. At a year they only expect the baby to say/sign 3 or 4 words. So don't worry, and don't let your doctor get you down!