Thursday, November 4, 2010

Never discuss religion and politics

Isn't that the old saying? I think Facebook has changed all that. However, since I refuse to start religious or political debates on my Facebook, I'm going to make my short statements here.
1. Religion - God is love. Grace covers all manner of sins. But being a jerk does not reflect kindly on your religion. That is all.
2. Politics - As I age, I find politics gets more personal. People treat elections like football games and create intense rivalries. I'm not going to say how I voted (I'm an Independent, so I'm freaking Switzerland). I am going to say that for all the sore winners and losers out there, please shut up. Respect the electoral system. Respect the fact that more people voted for one side than the other, and that their votes are just as important as yours. This goes for both parties. For those who are happy with the way the election went, remember that other people voted for different candidates because they have different beliefs. Not because they're stupid. Get a grip, everyone.

That said, I am proud of my super-political friends for being gracious to one another. I have not had to referee any "status cat fights" despite opposing political views. I have found it's the people who are only political around election day who are having 12-year old style temper tantrums.

And now for a cute picture of my son, Narcissus:

Today's lesson: I'm just thankful that we live in a country where our vote still means something. We're unhappy? We have an honest to goodness way to show it, whether we're at the polls or sitting on our couch dialing frantically to vote for our favorite American Idol. Or, if you're me, voting in the latest election from the comfort of your couch early and absentee.