Friday, December 18, 2009

Progression of a pregnancy

I'll admit it. I haven't been posting blogs. Nope. I have had nothing positive or happy to say. Most of the time I feel grumpy and fat. I just figured that no one out there wanted to hear me whine. And I really didn't want to whine, because despite all the frustrations of this pregnancy, I'm thrilled. I just can't verbalize it.

And I still can't find the words to say. It's been up and down. There have been many doctor's visits and trips to the ER. I've had migraines and gestational diabetes. I miss fruit snacks and jelly beans. And I'm tired. The baby's kicking is still adorable sometimes, but others...well, he takes pleasure in my pain! Something I'm convinced he'll continue to do for the rest of my life.

My husband, however, has kept photographic record of my belly's growth (with the help of a couple friends). And that's what I'll share with you now, in lieu of happy words.

21 weeks. Jere calls this the "Where's Waldo?" sweater. I promptly put it back in storage after that.

25 weeks. At my mom's house. The point at which I started to waddle, and couldn't stand doing my own hair. Thank goodness for the lady at the salon!

Also somewhere around 25 weeks. At my baby shower in Michigan. Bless Joana for taking a picture I'm proud to be in.

29 weeks. My kitchen. And probably the last time this shirt got worn, seeing as I'm pretty violent on maternity shirts. Also the point at which someone said to me, "Look at you! You're HUGE!"

32 weeks. Most recent picture. Those are maternity pants that no longer fit. Also the week that my little Asian pedicurist said laid a hand on my belly and said, "You have BABY! Must be a big baby boy!" She was at least correct, and did a beautiful job on my toes. Or so I'm told. I can't see them.

I'm up to a whopping 33 1/2 weeks now. I'm living in Jere's t-shirts and sweats whenever possible. My hair is four inches shorter (but still long). I'm still well under my maximum weight gain. And we've finally started work on the nursery, which would be coming along a whole lot faster if the dresser would get here.

I suppose it's time to stop blogging and start cleaning. I wish the nesting would kick in, because it would make all this so much easier. Today's plan was to wash uniforms, but Jere noticed me struggling with getting them in and out of the washer and dryer, and did them before I even noticed. *Sigh* I'm determined to keep my energy up so he doesn't have to take over any other of my jobs!