Thursday, February 3, 2011

First glimpse

Due to some scheduling issues, we finally got to hear the baby's heartbeat today during our first ultrasound. At 13 weeks, the due date is now "official" and we learned our new daughter or son is healthy. And is the only one in there.

My local hospital here does not accomodate VBAC's, and at my inital appointment, I was not given any option of how I would deliver when I spoke to the nurse practitioner. I knew this wasn't a problem, as I am not going to be delivering here. I know the place we're going is probably going to let me try, but I'm prepared for a battle. Today, however, I got to see one of the practice's doctors for my ultrasound and other routine stuff. Knowing the practice's policy on VBAC, I was shocked when she asked what my plans were for the birth. She explained about VBAC bans, and since she knows we're moving, she wasn't sure what policy I was going to run into. I told her that there is no ban where I'm going, but that I'd do what my doctor there was most comfortable with as long as they had a good reason for that decision. And she said, "But what are YOU comfortable with?" I said since Jerry will be gone and I will still have to take care of Winston, a VBAC was my ideal wish. And she gave me her blessing. I knew what I wanted before she asked, but having her tell me that there was nothing to be concerned about gave me the extra confidence I needed in my decision. Obviously, she reminded me about the problems with Sam's delivery and explained the situation may occur again, but that there was certainly no harm in trying. I'm ready now.

Conversations from today -

Doc: "You're measuring a little big. Are you sure about the date you gave us?"

Me: "Yes. We were trying, so I kept close track."

Husband: "Maybe it's twins!"

Doc: "Don't say that! Look at her! Just saying it made her break out in a sweat!"

(Note: I was measuring big. The baby, once we got up the ultrasound, was exactly on track.)

Doc: "There's the head, and there's the body."

Husband: "Looks like an oyster to me."

Doc: "Huh. What do you know? It kind of does!"

Husband: *looks at the monitor while we're waiting*

Husband: "Wonder if we can get the news on that thing."

*After sending the ultrasound picture to husband's coworkers*

Coworker 1: "Is the baby throwing up a peace sign in the middle pic? That is impressive."

Coworker 2: "Obviously, a very talented child."

Today's lesson: The first few weeks of pregnancy can be spent in fear. But it is amazing how just one look can wipe your worries away.


Amanda said...

So the beginning of August? Is that when you are due? Or are you not saying the exact time, so people won't say stupid things like..."your going to go early!" or " haven't you had that kid yet?" or my favorite..."your still pregnant? It seems like you have been pregnant forever!" I mean do pregnant mama's really need a reminder at 40 weeks and miserable that they are still pregnant? Trust me i understand either way but Please don't make me do math...I suck at it?

Kristin said...

Oh, sorry, August 12! And I've heard the "You're still pregnant?" one with Sam, as he was a week late and I was a GIANT. It took three weeks to fit me into the schedule for an induction when my doctor measured me at 38 weeks and said, "Ok. Baby's done. Let's schedule you just in case." If you recall, I'm teeny tiny. I was also diabetic, so they were worried about size. And then the c-section happened and here we are having his first birthday party today. He'll actually turn one next week, but the nanny is coming that day so I can crawl into a corner and sob because my little baby isn't a baby anymore. :-)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to Sam! Have a great time with his party, and it is ok to cry! Wes got a good laugh on my behalf because on Noah's actual birthday I kept checking the clock so I could wish him a Happy Birthday at the time he was born. As I said it tears started pouring down my face and we were in public having lunch at the cheesecake factory! It is an emotional roller coaster that is for sure!