Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 1

So a blogger friend of mine has been doing this neat little project on her blog, and I'm stealing it. I have been so impressed by the pictures she's posting and the topics she's writing about that I have to do it. Plus, I can't talk about being fat and pregnant all the time.

If you want to see a list of the 30 topics, I recommend popping over to her blog. I, on the other hand, am going to jump right in.

"A photo of yourself with 15 facts."

1. This is a photo of me in Berlin in 2008. I am standing across the street from the Russian War Memorial, and that is Brandenburg Gate in the background.

2. Despite the fact that, since this photo was taken, I've become a mother and I'm pregnant with baby #2, if you ask me who I am, this photo shows you the answer. Not everyone is changed in the same way by having kids, and it is a constant source of guilt for me. I am not one of those women who is defined by motherhood.

3. I am desperately jealous of those women are defined by motherhood. Despite the fact that I'm not motherly, I desperately wish I was. However, each time I doubt my mothering skills, I'm reminded that having a military husband sometimes means I have to be mother and father, and that my sturdiness and surliness make me a strong mother. It makes up for the fact that I'm not a cuddly mom.

4. I don't like having my nose touched.

5. I'm a college student. And when people ask what I plan to do when I graduate, I laugh. I have no plans to work, but I love to learn.

6. I can't cook. I have an ex-husband who will tell you that's a lie, but his opinion is based on fried chicken alone. My current husband will cringe in fear if I tell him I'm cooking dinner.

7. Despite not having the cooking gene, I got some random, recessive baking gene. I'm constantly asked for my chocolate chip cookie recipe, and tell people to look on the back of a bag of Nestle chocolate chips. I can't tell you why they're so good.

8. My son has a nanny. She's only here once a week most of the time. I have taken more heat for having a nanny than I ever thought possible. Despite the fact that my friends or "friends" have said terrible things to me about hiring someone, she is the best decision I ever made. And you know what I do most often when she's here? I either sleep or I sit in bed and stare at the wall. I feel like I am a better mom to Sam when I emerge from 8 straight hours of solitude.

9. I miss traveling. I miss it so much that we stuck our son with us on a plane to Philadelphia for a long weekend. My son, however, does not like travel quiet yet. So I'm stuck at home for a few more years.

10. I know you're not supposed to wish your kids' lives away. But I am excited for the days when my kids are old enough to learn about the world. I intend on homeschooling them so I can drag them wherever we go. Want to learn about the WW I or classical composers or a volcano? Let's get on a plane!

11. Bacon is quite possibly the world's greatest food.

12. I married my husband after only meeting him a few times. I've been told that's crazy, but there's nothing crazy about marrying someone you genuinely like being around for practical reasons. It's been almost 4 years, and we have such a comfortable marriage. Being married to one another is really easy for us. He honestly is my best friend.

13. Despite being the anti-mom, I am really enjoying this stage of my son's life. He's a speed demon and constantly on the go, so I'm exhausted, but I spend a great deal of time laughing at the things he does despite the mess.

14. I really want Little Debbie cakes right now. And pudding.

15. I'm writing this at 7 in the morning, and have every intention of going back to sleep now.


Amanda said...

You are so funny! #6 cracks me up about the be honest, I think I get worse at it as time goes on instead of better...and motherhood has not helped with that factor. The biggest snag for me is buying the groceries though. They are so exspensive here it makes me sick.

You are motherly I am sure, you are just motherly in a different way. Just because you do not cuddle your child to death does not mean that you are not motherly! Give yourself more credit. And the only reason people give you flack about having a nanny once a week is because they are totally jealous! Who doesn't want time alone!?!?!? I wish I could have one day to myself...and I agree that I would probably be a better mother for it! And hell, if the nanny did a little cleaning while she was here...I might have more energy for "other things"!

I actually used to take one whole day to myself every week before joining the military, getting married and having a kid. Now I feel like I don't know how to be alone, and that feeling drives me crazy. And what is the difference between finding a Nanny or hiring a babysitter once a week? Nothing! So shake the quilt and enjoy your quiet time!!!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I'd like to think I'm not defined by my motherhood, but it's practically all I know. I started this gig at an insanely early age while still in high school.
I'm one of those moms that refuses to live FOR her children. I live WITH them. They see me pursue interests of my own choosing, and doing stuff with friends and my husband. I don't want to end up being that meddlesome mother in law that has no life. I'm building one for myself now.

And I, too, love the stages of my kids, but I think I'm excited to see them grow up into adulthood. I think because it means I can be a grownup and do stuff without having to worry about the logistics of kid-keepers.