Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 24

"A photo of something you wish you could change."

I'm not going to say this to scare all the pregnant moms out there. I'm going to say it because, for me, it was the truth.

My birth experience was a nightmare.

This is not the first picture of me holding my son. This is a full 24 hours after giving birth. I have a picture of me when I first got to hold him, and the look on my face says, "Get this thing off of me."

I had an emergency c-section. Which, let's face it, is pretty much the only end you should expect when you're overdue, not progressing, diabetic, and 21 hours into labor and still just about as dilated as the moment you walked into the hospital. At about 19 hours, my son went into distress. We rolled me over so I could labor on my side, but two hours later there was a rush of people and a quick trip to the OR.

I sobbed through the entire c-section. I was tired, pissed off, and scared out of my mind. When it was over, my husband followed our son to get cleaned up and I laid there and stared at the ceiling while the surgery was finishing up. I won't go into detail, but the recovery was hard and extremely painful. I had an unkind nurse on the day I was supposed to be discharged cause me some real emotional damage that has pretty much taken away any good memories I have of the amazing nurses I had during delivery and the first 48 hours after.

And it took weeks for me to feel human again. I remember going in for my 6 week checkup and the nurse telling me I could resume normal activity, and looking at her like she was insane. I'd have to say my son was probably four months old before I even started to get back to myself.

It's no one's fault. So many women get angry at their doctor or themselves or their child when they have to have a c-section. My son had wrapped himself up nice and cozy in his umbilical cord and was determined not to leave unless he was going to take some of my parts with him. But if I could change anything, it would have been that day. I wish I could have changed my experience with my son's birth. I pray this next one goes better.


Amanda said...

I am so sorry that you had a horrible birthing experience! I will be saying some prayers that this next birth goes better for you, and that you maybe even enjoy I don't think that anyone's birth plan goes exactly as planned...but as long as you get a healthy baby at the end, that is what counts.

My Sweet Side said...

I have always been wondering about how things went for you during labor..Sorry it sucked. Even when the experience is "GOOD". (How in God's name could or can it ever be GOOD> I have no idea...*Smack* EVE). Anyway Sorry it wasn't what you expected. Hugs. Get in touch. I miss you. Bring wintson and get out here to cali to visit. Miss ya. Tami