Thursday, June 12, 2008

Type, copy, paste

My wrist is so sore, I'm only going to write this once. I usually write the blog, and then write Jere his own email, but not tonight. Ouchies.

Monday I went to the DAR picnic in the park. I made so much food, all very health conscious. Whole wheat pasta salad, potato salad made with canola mayo (DO NOT tell my grandma that), cucumber sandwiches, onion wraps on flaxseed lavash bread. And not so healthy,

snickerdoodles. Which means, Jere, you'll be getting some of those in your next package. I got to meet even more of the chapter, and we gathered after the picnic to listen to the Stonewall Brigade Band's first concert of the season. I fell asleep in the middle of the park, of course, and went home early. It was getting past my bedtime.

Tuesday and Wednesday have been my at home days. I needed to catch up on some sleep and clean my kitchen. My overly expensive chair was delivered Tuesday, and I put pictures in the new folder. Today I decided to go geocaching on Betsy Bell, which turned out to be tons of fun, even though I only found one of the three caches I was looking for. But you know what? I got three good hours of exercise, great photographs with the new camera, and the last bit of the good weather before the thunderstorm came.

My favorite part of the day was walking out the door and finding a care package from my husband! Two postcards from Germany, one cute little can of Chef Boyardee (he enables me from afar), and four t-shirts from the Hard Rock Kuwait. Side note: Ericka, you wanted Hard Rock Baghdad, right? Or was it Kuwait? I can't remember.

I also managed to hook up the wireless router today, so I'm writing this from my bed. And Miss Ginger says it's time to put the computer away, because she's trying to lay on it.

Today's lesson: Sometimes you have to hike to the top of a mountain to get the best view. Then again, the view halfway up doesn't suck, either.

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