Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I figure I'd better blog now, as tomorrow I do believe I'll be too plain busy to do it. And if I don't write about today while it's still fresh, I have the feeling I'll either forget things, or end up writing one of those huge blogs no one really likes to read.

This morning I went to church for the first time in goodness knows how long. I'll be honest, it still scares the bejesus out of me. I couldn't figure out what to wear, and when I finally did decide, I found a stain on the shirt. It's always hard to dress for the first visit to a new church, and now that I've been and seen what everyone else wears, I'll be fine. It will be nice to have someplace to wear the pretty dresses. As for the service, it was your run of the mill Methodist service. Everyone was very nice, and Andrea once again introduced me to a ton of new people. Plus I saw some I'd met at the party Saturday night.

I went with Andrea's family to brunch at the country club. Yes, roll your eyes, but screw you, I'm Miss Fancy Pants now. Delicious eggs benedict, and I love Andrea's kids, they're so sweet! I emailed Jere when I got home and told him about the party and church and brunch and the rest of the day's plans, and he said, "I thought you were just a simple country girl!" Yes, well, let the southern hoity toity training begin. I think he gets a kick out of all of it.

This afternoon I went to a charity auction for the Children's Art Network and got into a bidding war over an adirondack chair that one of the high schoolers had painted. It's absolutely gorgeous, with green and purple and blue all blended together with a huge orchid painted across the back. I wanted that chair. I NEEDED that chair.

Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to need the chair, too. I hadn't bid on anything else (except in the silent auction), and I think some people were a bit shocked at the teenage looking girl (yeah, that's me) who was ferociously outbidding them. I must commend myself for actually going to this event and getting involved, as it's something I'd never do.

And yes. I got the damn chair. Then it wouldn't fit in my car, so some nice man whose name I forgot will be delivering it to me. I'll put a picture up when it gets here.

Tomorrow I'm headed to a DAR picnic, and I have food to make tomorrow. Yeah, you try making picnic food without chicken or lunch meat. Cucumber sandwiches, shrimp salad, egg salad, potato salad. And snickerdoodles, because my recipe kicks ass.

My exhausted self is going to need a vacation. A nice relaxing one.

Today's lesson: Don't be afraid to reach out of your comfort zone for a good cause. Just be prepared to write a check if you find yourself paying way too much for a damn deck chair.

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