Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Strike a pose

The last couple of days here have been busy, but largely uneventful.

I guess the biggest thing is that I bought a camera. I've been needing a new one forever, as anyone who saw my sad ass pictures from Turkey can attest. There's no way I'm going to miss a perfect shot of Macchu Piccu because the sun was too bright and I wasn't holding still enough. I'll be having enough trouble breathing at high altitudes without trying to steady a camera.

When I was in Michigan, Ericka let me use her camera for Karalyn's graduation, and I was in love. I wanted one just like hers, but of course when she and I got online to look Friday, we couldn't find it. So she found one a step up for a good price at Circuit City (where I had a $40 off coupon, yay!). I went in expecting to buy a camera. Oh no. Apparently when you buy this camera, you need $400 worth of accessories. Actually, that was ok with me, as I got a great package deal, and Ericka said I got a lot for my money. Thank you, Ericka!

I got the monstrocity home, and tried to put it all together. Which led to my asking, "How am I going to operate this thing if I can't even get the strap on?" Eventually I figured out at least how to snap basic pictures. Now I'm pretty sure Ginger hates the camera, as she's the only subject around here I have to take photos of. This morning, when she woke me up before 6, I caught the cutest shot of her visiting with her outdoor friend.

Last night, I tried out my new camera at Andrea's city council victory party. It was, if absolutely nothing else, a conversation piece. That doesn't mean I didn't get some great shots, especially considering they were indoors, something my pathetic Kodak couldn't handle, but it's hard to walk around just snapping photos of a lot of people you don't know.

As for the party, it was a hit. She had it in a little shop downtown, and served tons of food, beer, and wine. Andrea introduced me to absolutely everyone, and I also got to soberly meet my favorite policeman. Barely recognized him LOL. I had a lovely time until I was blindsided by a migraine. Usually I have some warning, but I didn't feel this one coming, and was in agony by the time I drove home. It went away after I took my migraine meds, but wow. It's been awhile since it hit that hard.

I did happen to look very cute, and wish I'd taken a picture of myself. White capris, my new green shirt from Guess, white strappy heels, and all the perfect accessories. I even picked up some hot rollers from Walmart and went curly, but left them in too long and looked like frizzy poodle, so I pulled it up in a pony and it looked adorable. Today it's calmed down, and it's going to be a fantastic hair day.

Speaking of Walmart, I had some great luck there yesterday. I usually hate going, and had only planned to shop for things I couldn't get at Martin's. But I walked through the produce section and found not only were their blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and tomatoes on sale, they looked fantastic. I also sprung for shrimp and tilapia, proving this diet is in full swing. Since it was Saturday, it turned into a two hour trip, but I don't think I'll need anything but the basics for awhile.

Well, my paper is here, the coffee is brewed, and it's time to start the day. I have a couple of hours to clip coupons and finish some care packages before I head off to commune with the Methodists.

Today's lesson: If you put too much milk in your Cheerios, you end up having to chase them around the bowl. Those delicious little O's are hard buggers to catch!

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