Sunday, May 11, 2008

Way behind

I hate when I forget to blog. I know not many people actually read these, but there are a few who do, and they're the people I want to tell absolutely everything to. Good or bad.

So here I am. Behind on my blog. I skipped over a vacation. Which wasn't so hot, anyway. Don't get me wrong, we had fun in Myrtle Beach, but we left early because the air conditioner leaked all over the carpet in our room. I did get a good piece of writing done that I'm pretty proud of, and will put on here at a later date, when it's fully edited. I also got to have my first Hooters experience. I wasn't as impressed with the wings as I thought I'd be, but our waitress was the anti-chipper and didn't flirt with my husband, so I left her a huge tip.

Everything is getting unpacked here, though at a very slow rate. I think we've lost our motivation. My things are pretty well finished, but we've run out of space. I did get some black and white photo projects done for my bedroom. Hopefully I get those hung up sometime this week, and can post some pictures of my room. And that's the only room you'll get, sorry to say. The rest of the apartment still screams bachelor LOL. I did, however, manage to get my own bookshelf, which is already full. But hey, that's my one bookshelf compared to his five.

We got to see Miss Ginger's new veterinarian when we dropped her off for boarding, and I was so happy with what I saw. First off, it's cheaper. And everyone at the front desk was so sweet. The icing on the cake is they take American Express. Hotel points, baby!

Jere and I went shopping on Friday to cheer me up (I don't know why I needed cheering, but I was a damn grump!). I bought new bras, and my dear husband patiently while I tried on twenty different kinds (of which only three fit). He waited while I bought pants and skirts and sweaters, though ran off for a bit to preserve his sanity. He's a good guy. *grin*

Last night, we went to dinner with a friend of his and her husband, and even though I'm anti-social and don't do well, with new people, I had such a great time. And I made a new friend. Since most of the people who read this have known me since high school or earlier, you all know how hard that is for me. Not only do I have a new friend. My new friend has friends. I may just survive down here after all. (Kelli, Kari: I'll give you more details via email later!)

Though I miss my northern friends. :( I will be home in a week and a half!

Today's lesson: It truly is possible to adjust to a new city if you put yourself out there. Of course, it's still possible that while putting yourself out there, you'll get lost because you haven't updated your GPS in a year.

One last little brag...a picture of my piano! Elisa, show this to dad! I managed to build the heavy thing all by myself.

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