Monday, May 12, 2008

The joy of curtains

I can't believe how much has gotten accomplished around here in the past two days. My photo collage is hung, and my room is basically finished. The security alarms are installed, as is a new lock on the storage door (with the blessing of apartment management, who were appalled at our storage being broken into). Pictures are being hung. We bought curtains for two rooms and they're already up, and my sweet husband went out and bought another set because I said they didn't look full enough. We replaced the pillows on the couch (actually, I bought funky new ones only to hear the old ones were 'his grandma's', and he gave me the puppy dog eyes, so we'll have to find a compromise there). Put together a lamp in the office. Put up the bird feeder. Spoke with the newspaper delivery man about finding a secure place to hide the Sunday paper, as it's been stolen three weeks in a row. Managed to move the foot lockers into a closet. And organized over a thousand DVD's. Minus the clutter and petty theft, this place is a home.

Tonight I get to go back into my element, and that is baking. I'll be sending a little care package to Jere's co-workers, as they miss me and my cookies. So right now I'm waiting for some butter to soften while I watch Jon & Kate. Between watching that show, Kari's blogs about morning sickness, and the woman I watched trying to get her three young kids through a buffet line last week, I'm pretty happy not being a mom. My cat's needy enough.

Actually, Mother's Day was nice! The weather was crap, and I had to hide in the closet when the thunder started, but other than that, it was ok. I got a quiet day with Miss Ginger, played piano until the lightning scared me off, and my husband bought me four travel DVD's, four discs worth of BBC movies, and four pounds of pasta. Oh, happiness! And in honor of this special, special day, I donated to one of my favorite organizations. Which made me grin, fall over laughing, and completed the holiday. And I got to give the gift of alone time with Jerry to his mother, which was completely worth it.

Today was so busy, but after the hours we spent in Walmart, we went for Chinese, and I ate myself into a Hot Wok coma. I've searched so long for a place where the food is as good as the restaurant I used to eat at in Big Rapids, and I've finally found it! Yes, it's terrible for me, but so so good. They even have the perfect little crunchies for my soup. Very important.

But mostly, I enjoyed a low-key, chilled out day with my husband. We slept in and laid in bed forever, did some projects, and he let me do a little online shopping. And he even entertained my idea to buy tater tots and ranch dressing while we were at Walmart, even though he didn't quite understand it (seriously, high school buddies, you remember tots and ranch, right?).

Well, I've written a blog about nothing, and I should probably start on some cookies. Night, y'all.

Today's lesson: A novel idea can turn a day completely around. Whether it's an odd bit of philanthrophy or a strange craving from a distant high school cafeteria.

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