Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 28

"A picture of something you're afraid of."

If you can't tell from this picture, I'm not particularly fond of the water. However, I know that some of the world's greatest things are seen in and on the water, so I try not to let it stop me.

I have snorkeled in the Bahamas (while wearing a life vest and staying no more than 15 feet from our boat). I rode on a choppy charter boat to the Greek island of Delos (though I was a sick shade of green the entire time). I have kayaked in oceans and rivers (the one water activity I love because I don't really get wet). I tried to surf in California (though that didn't go particuarly well). And, as shown in this photo, I took a tube down a river in Belize. This trip had a catch. The river went through a pitch black cave for twenty minutes. After I emerged, I couldn't find my husband and ran into a rock face. I was rescued by a group of Villanova kids on spring break, but scarred for life. Never again.

I don't know where my fear of the water comes from. I'm not a terrible swimmer. In fact, I'm a pretty good swimmer. I am equally afraid of rivers, lakes, oceans, and the deep end of the pool. I have nightmares about drowning. Despite this, I'm rather fond of boats. Though if I'd been on the Titanic without a lifeboat, I would have been one of the people clamoring for the tip top of the railing until the last possible second. Definitely not one of the ones who willingly jumped overboard. Crazy afraid of the water.

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