Thursday, March 3, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 27

"A picture of yourself and a family member."

This is my mother. We are dressed up for Halloween, um, obviously.

You know, the last day of this challenge is supposed to be someone you miss. I thought about saving my mom for that day, but then I realized she's down here enough that I pretty much don't have a chance to miss her.

Since my son was born, my mother has hauled it back and forth from her state to mine more times than I can count. She was there for my baby shower, the birth, and a few weeks after to clean my house. She's given up many of her weekends to come give me a break. She works full-time and still manages to make it down here almost monthly to see her grandson. I know she loves me, but she is absolutely head over heels for Winston. And he loves her right back.

Not to mention she'll dress up like a wicked queen just to make him happy. Well, to make me happy, anyway. Now THAT is a grandma.

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