Friday, January 15, 2010

Ryan's Random 7

Ok, I know I went random yesterday. However, I read this blog quite often, and wouldn't you know that Ryan's challenge of the day was to post a random seven. And I'm never, EVER opposed to randomness. I swear I'll make this quick.

1. I woke up from my afternoon nap yesterday to find my husband in my kitchen. This terrifies me. He'd gotten it in his head that he wanted to make dinner, and proceeded to fry up bison steaks that he'd picked up at the commissary. Where on Earth this sudden desire came from, I don't know. Is he nesting? Luckily he cleaned up the kitchen when he was done, and I didn't have to freak out.

2. We received a random gift yesterday from one of Jerry's old Army buddies. Isn't it adorable?? But the real gift was the photo that was included with it. I thank the Lord everyday that my husband no longer has that mustache.

3. My friend Rachel challenged me to do a 365 photo a day project. She's doing one so she can learn to use her Nikon. I'm doing mine to be supportive. It is, by far, the most frustrating project ever. I'm not so hot with photo-editing, and I have no interesting subjects to photograph at the moment. I will say that I have learned things. I'm just not sure I've learned anything I can use!

4. Sandra Lee is making cupcakes on the Food Network. Pregnant women and diabetics should never watch the Food Network. I really want cupcakes now, and I'm betting that all the ingredients are hiding in my kitchen.

5. The toughest decision everyday is what we're going to have for dinner. I don't cook. This does not mean I CANNOT cook. I just don't. Living within proximity of a large metropolitan area leaves our options wide open for meals, and we quite often can't decide and fall back on our regular places. However, I think my husband is looking for a change, seeing as he just ordered me cookbooks. I have nothing against cooking, except for the fact that restaurants do it so much better!

6. My in belly child is making me do weird things, like put cream in my coffee. What's up with that? I generally prefer my coffee to be like rocket fuel.

7. My kid is squirming and hiccupping and is generally unhappy with the current lack of space in his belly-condo. I think a bath and a nap are in order for me. Maybe that way he'll be less angry. I'm not sure he was a fan of the peas I had with lunch.

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Hundewanderer said...

Your random seven are great things. Congratulations on your pregnancy! My son turns 18 soon... how the years fly by too quickly. hugs from HW