Thursday, April 16, 2009


There are so many things in life that can bring you down and break your heart. I've been through a few of them. But some days you just have to sit back, look at your life, and rejoice at the beautiful things you've been given.

1. I have the best husband in the world. In fact, he's given me just that: the world. I've always wanted to travel, and in our two years of marriage, I've been more places than I've been in my entire life. Most recently he decided to send my sister and I on a cruise to Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Croatia.
2. I live in a wonderful place. Florida is where I was born. It's where I belong. And being here makes me feel like I've come home. I get to sit by the pool and read or eat sushi or have a beer, basking in the warmth and drinking in the sunshine.
3. I am talented. Which is something I haven't been entirely upfront about. I've played the piano since I was 8. I love it. But I hate performing, mostly because the last time I performed, I made a little goof (it was at church) and this other kid at church mocked me mercilessly for it. I'm going to guess my second husband didn't even know I could play. I hate my nerves, but I love the way I sing and play for myself. And I once again have to thank Jerry for making the investment in what I love. I now have a piano that is easy to drag all over the US, no matter where we go.
4. I am smart. Darn smart. I'm good at math. I'm good at writing. And I'm surprisingly good with history, now that I've been exposed to it.
5. I'm darn pretty. Yes, I know that sounds conceited, but I've worked my butt off. Literally. Hard work pays off, and I'm proof.
6. I am a good wife. I can bake, I can cook, I can clean, and I care deeply about my husband and what happens in his day. I am good at what I do. And being a wife is my career.

What brings this on? I don't know. I guess I'm tired of thinking about the way others see me. I know the way that certain other people see me, and it's completely not fair. So I'm taking the time to wonder at myself and just how blessed and gifted I am. And I challenge each of you to do the same. It's not about being proud. It's about being honest with yourself about your worth.

And just ask my husband. I am completely worth it.

Today's lesson: There's nothing wrong with singing your own praises, as long as you know who to praise for your gifts.


Feisty Irish Wench said...

I have come a long way from where I started to where I am. When Devildog met me, I didn't think I was even average looking. I stayed in a sort of shell. He cracked the shell, told me I was beautiful repeatedly and never discounted my intellect or humor. Some days I think he might wish he'd left my shell the way it was lol.
I have worked to shed that apprehensive, uncooth child I used to be. I've been trying to replace her with a more confident, capable and commanding woman that I know is screaming to escape. I do believe that life as a military spouse has encouraged a lot of my growth in my early 20s. Now it is my faith that continues my growth in my 30s. Well that and a Stowaway causing some growth too.

Rachel said...

you are amazing and you know it.

love you.