Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beach escape

What a completely fantastic day! And trust me, I needed one. The weather here has been iffy, what with thunderstorms and wind, so I haven't been spending a whole lot of time outside. I've kind of holed up in here watching/reading Twilight. Yes, that's dual immersion right there. For two solid days.

So when my aunt and uncle invited me out for lunch and a little beach time, I was thrilled! They're down with my cousins for spring break, and were headed out to Anna Maria Island today, which is just over an hour from me. I've lived here for a few weeks now, and haven't really made it further than the nearby shopping centers.

Most of the time, when I was a kid, the beach meant Daytona, New Smyrna, Cocoa, all Atlantic coast beaches. I made my first remembered trip to the Gulf coast a couple Christmases ago with Jerry, when we stayed on the beach and watched lightning hit the ocean out our balcony window. There's something magical about the Gulf and its light colored water and white sand beaches. It's as beautiful as the Carribean, but in such a different way. And today out at Coquina Beach, the sand was warm and perfect. The sun wasn't too hot, the wind wasn't too rough.

I showered and drove to the beach with the windows down and the radio blasting. My aunt, uncle, and cousins were there, already laid out in the pristine sand, my cousin Tavia surrounded by the shells she'd collected from along the water. We sat around for awhile, then headed out for lunch at this neat little restaurant right on the beach. Plastic chairs, palm trees, and coconut shrimp. I can't wait to bring Jerry back to this place!

I think I have a new favorite place in Florida. I love Key West, and I love wandering on International Drive. I love Daytona and New Smyrna and the Everglades. But today I sat with my toes in the sand and really felt like I have come home. Thanks to my aunt and uncle for showing me such a beautiful beach and for helping me feel some of that Michigan love. After all the years of living in the frozen north, it's easy to appreciate the wind and the waves.

Today's lesson: Listen to the recommendations of others. Their knowledge can be pricelessly valuable, especially when they lead you to a place of perfect happiness.

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Feisty Irish Wench said...

Glad the weather wasn't too menopausal to enjoy the visit with the relatives either!