Monday, April 20, 2009

Amazing weekend, good reading

I will admit that last week was difficult. The best laid plans changed. I was outsmarted by several stacks of books. And my emotions (and the emotions of those I love) were feeling worn down and stomped on. So when the weekend came, it was time to escape, and my Aunt T had provided just the opportunity.

I had planned to see the Hannah Montana movie the day it came out, but thanks to my new sleep schedule, I slept right through the showing for which I'd bought a ticket. Which turned out to be nice, because my aunt and I made plans to see it the following weekend. I got in my car Saturday, put on the Twilight soundtrack, and enjoyed a nice drive. The wonderful thing about living in Florida is that I no longer panic about getting lost, because I've been here on and off my whole life. It's already in my brain.

T and I met up, stopped in at a birthday party for her friend, then went to get my hair done. I so badly needed it permed, as the humidity was making my old perm flat. Everytime I move, I have to find a new everything: new dentist, new doctor, new favorite gas station. Lucky for me, my aunt recommended her hair stylist. I'm not only in love with my hair. I'm in love with all the ladies in the salon. They talked about everything, no holds barred. And I've been invited to go with a group of them to see the next installment of the Twilight series when it comes out. Look! Instant friends!

Next, T and I went for pedicures. It's the first time I've had a pedicure done by a man. A little odd, but he did a fantastic job. Then the little girl came over and painted tiny flowers on my toenails. So cute! And so needed, because my poor toes looked awful.

That night we went to see Hannah Montana. As a treat, T took me to this little theater that's nothing more than a hole in the wall. But they have a full menu, including wine and beer, all at more than reasonable prices. There was just something ironic and wonderful about watching Hannah Montana while nursing a Bud Light. Great movie, by the way. My favorite part was being surrounded by little girls who were singing along with all the songs. It was adorable! I almost joined in...

After the movie, we went for sushi. I have a very big problem with the whole "eyes being bigger than my stomach" thing with sushi. I want it all. And I've actually been having dreams about sushi, which made it worse. But it was so good, and despite the fact that the spicy tuna roll cleared out my sinuses, I walked out full and slightly buzzed. I hit the bed that night with my eyes closed and didn't wake up for 9 1/2 hours.

We had breakfast Sunday morning, then headed into Orlando to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. My aunt has season tickets to the Broadway Across America program in Orlando, and there's always an extra ticket for me. It was a cute show, but I'm of the opinion that Broadway shows and kids don't mix. It's not like a movie theater. It's a major issue when someone has to "go potty." And you would think that the show planners would have said, "Hey, this is a kid oriented show. Maybe we should have two intermissions instead of just one." It's a thought.

I had such a good weekend that I didn't particularly want to come home.

Two things happened today that are worth noting. First, I had a solicitor come to the door. We get a lot of them around here, and I've finally figured out how to get rid of them. The guy asked if my parents were home. I simply told him no. *grin*

And the second thing was that I got a box from my husband. He sends me as many care packages as I send him, but lately it's been that he's sending things home that he doesn't want to drag in his bag. Today it was letters. My favorite thing about deployments is reading the cards and letters that he's gotten while he's there. I know, this is my first deployment with him, but this isn't my first deployment go round. And it opens your eyes as to who really cares about the man you love when you see who did and didn't bother to write to him. My thanks goes out to my family. You are all truly wonderful, because a great number of the cards came from you. It also reminded me that my husband has great friends. I love you all.

Today's lesson: Good family is more valuable than even the most expensive shrink.


Rachel said...

glad you had such a great weekend!! wsh it had been with me :(

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Well I was already hungry when I read the post. But now... *whine* I'm craving it...I was good for well over a week.
I'm so glad you enjoyed the visit! And that same logic holds true for good friends too. Friends are cheaper than therapists usually too.