Sunday, February 22, 2009

The odds and ends

Let the moving preparation begin! While I don't know the exact date I'll be leaving, I do know it's soon. And I've been trying to clean out random papers, wash curtains, organize my clothes, and just plain keep busy while I wait for my box order to come.

But I'm having the most fun cleaning out my refrigerator. I haven't grocery shopped in weeks because I know that the stuff from the fridge and freezer can't come with me. Last night I had soy sausage links, frozen corn, and chocolate cake with milk. And tonight, it's soy sausage links (I kind of stocked up on them and forgot they were there), a lean pocket, and a bottle of Corona. I was going to make frozen broccoli to go with it, but I took it out and it didn't look so good. I think it followed us from the LAST move.

It's amazing the things I'm finding and throwing away. I've found bottles of beer that have been in my fridge since June, a single sheet of matzo, really nasty veggie chips that made me smell like garlic for days, a million packets of soy sauce, two cans of corn beef hash complete with trans fats, and other crazy, random things that just haven't seemed appetizing over the past year.

This purging my cupboards thing is making me feel fantastic, to be honest. I have clothes to drop off at Goodwill, and today I slipped some books into the library drop box that I no longer needed. I am looking forward to upgrading to 2200 square feet of space and a rocking poolside lanai. After the last two years of moving from apartment to apartment to hotel to apartment, a house is just what I think we need. And in four more months, we'll finally be settled down enough to enjoy it.

Ginger has figured out we're moving, especially when the guest bed (aka - her bed) came down tonight. She's getting needy and clingy, but little does she realize she'll be headed to her happy home in the Sunshine State in just a few weeks. Hooray!

Today's lesson: Every once in awhile, you need to reach into the back of your freezer and discover what you were craving a year ago. You may learn something about yourself.


Feisty Irish Wench said...

I've had food journey far and wide on moves before. I get to clearing cupboards and think "gah! how long have I had this, and WHY do I still have it??" When the fridge died and we had to rearrange some stuff in the kitchen for the new machine, I cleaned off the shelves serving as a "pantry" and found cans of condensed milk that expired ... 5 years ago.
And what would one do with a single sheet of matzo?

Rachel said...

Can't wait to visit u and Ginger!!!