Saturday, February 7, 2009

My heart is so full

I have to thank my friends and family for needing me. There has been so much stuff needing my attention that I haven't been able to dwell on the stress of what is soon to come. And helping out people makes me feel useful again, something I haven't felt in awhile.

Just call me Saint Kristin of Killeen. Jere says the "of Killeen" part is because most of my good works are performed down there in Texas. Patron saint of moms hanging on by their last nerve. I suppose that is one reason why God has not blessed me with kids. It means I'm flexible to help others. You've got to love when you learn God's will in backwards ways. And all the hugs and kisses I get from everyone else's kids make me feel pretty darn special!

I'm also bursting with happiness for some of my friends. Sara and Rickey just became new parents to the most gorgeous baby girl I think I've ever seen. And my friend Kelli has pretty much kicked butt at planning the "princess wedding" she truly deserves. Not to mention I'm already well on the way of having her bridal shower planned, which is so exciting! I love planning parties!

Not to jinx everything, but I've found a house for us to rent in Florida that I'm completely in love with. And word has gotten around that I will have plenty of room and a pool, because everyone insists they're coming to visit. I can't wait! I love having company, and will love entertaining anyone who decides to drop in.

There isn't too much going on this coming week, thank goodness. I have to get to Florida by the end of the week. You know, I never thought there was a time I would have the ability to pick up and just hop on a plane and leave, but I've done it twice in the past few weeks, and am about to do it again. It's not that I ever thought about having the money or time. It's about the lack of planning. I'm usually so OCD about flying and traveling and vacations. But I'm so happy I've loosened up enough to just GO!

This is a totally random blog. Small list of things I've thought about today:
1. How do I own 3 pair of glasses which all seem to go missing at the same time?
2. Is it really ok to go out in my Hannah Montana jammies at 10:00 at night simply because I'm craving chicken nuggets?
3. I really want a new tattoo.
4. What is this need for soda I've developed lately? Not a want. A NEED.
5. Cats probably shouldn't eat chicken nuggets, right?
6. Now that Jere is getting closer to coming home, I'm panicking. Because I have a million freaking things to do, and moving is starting to feel real.

Today's lesson (which has nothing to do with anything I've written, really): Life can be rather strange and ironic. Go with it. You never know where the crazy will take you.


Rachel said...

im getting a rosary w/ your face on it. with hannah montannah hair. my saint.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

OH HONEY! I soo keep learning that lesson...God Laughs at Grand Plans of Marvelous Theory. Yet, I still make plans...*sigh*
Can I need your help too? LOL

Feisty Irish Wench said...

And Rachel, if you supply me the beads, I can make the rosary for you ;)

Melissa said...

You can SO leave the house at anytime in your Hannah Montanna PJ's! :-)