Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Idiot policies and some random things I love

See now, I'm sick and tired of this Army indecision crap. I'm a girl who likes a plan, and all the "up in the air" stuff drives me nuts. I can feel the stress in my shoulders and head. I want answers! I want finality! I want SANITY!

Of course, we still don't have our orders, though my poor husband is trying his best to hurry them along and keep me patient. In the meantime, I'm getting done what I can. This week, it's the house. I've been going back and forth with the property manager and finally nailed down some time to look at it. I wanted it to be this week, and it took him quite awhile to get back to me, so I went to book a last minute plane ticket to Florida.

I got on Mobissimo, looked up tickets, and booked them at a great rate. I didn't think twice about it until I looked in my email at the confirmation a couple of hours later. I had booked tickets for MARCH instead of FEBRUARY. Seeing as February only has 28 days, the days of the week are the same for the dates in both months, so I didn't notice it. I called my grandma and flipped out. I think she was laughing at me on the inside. *grin*

Lucky for me, Orbitz has an "idiot policy". I ran to go cancel the ticket, and they gave me all but the booking fee of $7 back. Apparently, I'm not the only idiot out there who makes stupid mistakes like that. The best part about it? I found a great non-stop flight instead. No layover. Same price.

I'm so excited! And after all that, I had a fabulous day. I was motivated to do some packing and laundry, and set out my outfits for my suitcase. So of course, I started once again thinking of the things that make me truly happy right now. So here goes!

1. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream (holy fantastic!)
2. Salt and Vinegar almonds

3. Chicken nuggets (because they're better for you than French fries)

4. Anthony Bourdain's new special on the Travel Channel: Food Porn. I can't decide if I want food or sex by the time I'm done watching it. Actually, I know exactly what I want. Really good sex, then to eat Peking duck with my fingers in bed, naked and happy.

5. Nintendo Wii: Endless Ocean. A Godsend for those of us who can't swim LOL.

6. All my friends who are volunteering themselves and their teenage children to help with my move. I am so grateful for all of you.

7. He's Just Not That Into You - The movie.

8. Yummy bottles of Prosecco

9. Bravo's Italian restaurant in Harrisonburg

10. And, of course, Orbitz for saving my ass.

Today's lesson: Don't be embarassed when you make a really stupid mistake. Chances are, someone has already made that same mistake way before you did (and they probably did it bigger and even more idiotic!).


Feisty Irish Wench said...

Well the idiot clause has become more prevalent because so many people miss those pesky details. Like, turning a bottle cap right or left to open or close it. It apparently requires instruction.
Since I can't do milk or ice cream, someone told me about a tofu ice cream. or maybe it was soy?
And you mention all these decadent foods...when I'm pregnant and it's late at night when everything is closed or I have to tuck kids in bed and can't go get these things. *sigh* i still crave sushi :( I should indulge.

Rachel said...

Number 4 is the kristin I know & love

My Sweet Side said...

You never called on your visit to california. it bummed me out. I was upset with you, but I guess I'll forgive you

Tory said...

As for your idiot policy, I had to use it on travelocity when booking my ticket to Sacramento. I was told we were going to be in Lake Elisnore by the time I was leaving, so I booked out of Ontario to Seattle and then was told that, nope - we would still be in Stockton. It only cost me the $7 too. Know what super pissed me off?? After I went thru and did all of that, about a week later I was told that we were going to be in Lake Elsinore..and it was already past the idiot dates. ARGGggg. I ended up having to fly from Ontario to Phoenix to Sacramento to Seattle. A total of 4 hours fly time and 9 hours of layover time. I wanted to kill someone....