Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8 dozen chocolate chip cookies and a lumpy arm

No matter what, I can't be write a blog as adorable and endearing as Kari's tonight LOL. Seriously, I would make the shake and bake people send you money for the lost chicken AND the pizza you had to order. Plus a settlement for emotional damage. :)

I have not had a pleasant few days. Thursday, I went to meet my new doctor, and let me tell you, she is fantastic. I walked in and was the only patient. This was after I couldn't find the place and the sweet receptionist stayed on the phone with me while I drove, just to make sure I found my way. The entire staff was chatty, and my doctor is a riot. We covered everything, and basically shot the breeze for 45 minutes. She even said if I want to start working on the fertility stuff in a few months, we can do that since she's affiliated with UVA.

She then sent in the nurse to do my vaccinations for my trip to Peru. Now, I haven't had a shot since I was 11, and I actually remember that trip. It was to the public health stand in the middle of our tiny mall, and my mother had to hold me down while I screamed. I don't do needles (says the tattooed girl). And I told my nurse that Thursday, so she nicely walked into the room hiding the needles behind her back, snuck up behind me, and stuck me in the arm where I couldn't see. I didn't feel a thing! And I didn't cry. Apparently it hurts more if you tense up your arm muscles when they're doing it, which is what brought on the screaming fit when I was 11. I'm good now.

Well, sort of good. I'm vaccinated, but I've been feeling terrible ever since. My doctor warned me it would probably happen, but I've been running a fever and trying to chase away a nasty, nauseating headache. And I've been eating nothing but Cheerios and ice cream. Plus one of the vaccines went crazy on me, and I have a lump there now, and am having trouble using my left arm. Pretty tough trying to prepare for this week's piano lesson. Clementi is kicking my ass.
I finally felt well enough tonight to do my weekly cookie baking, but discovered it's hard to stir with one arm. And I managed to break my favorite wooden spoon in the process! It doesn't matter, though, because I came out with eight dozen of the most beautiful cookies! I finally bought myself a sifter and a little ice cream scoop, and the cookies are gorgeous and uniform. And I sang and danced in the kitchen while I did them, of course.

Hopefully this burst of motivation and energy means the worst of the vaccination side effects are over. I just want this awful swelling to go down. And I want Ginger to quit jumping right on it. She's aiming, I tell you.

Today's lesson: Only when you have a lump the size of Virginia on your arm will your stuck up cat decide you're worth her affection.

Should have just painted a stupid target on the thing....

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