Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am so happy!

June 25, 2008

I really am! I had the best day. It started with a little trip to the DMV in the next town over. I didn't want to go back to the DMV here in town for a couple of reasons. The first was that it was darn hard to find. The second was that the woman at the information desk was mean mean mean and made me cry.

So I put in a great CD and drove the 20 minutes to the next town with the window down. So what if I missed my turn and then ramped a curb trying to turn around? I got to the DMV with no TomTom. But if you've read my blogs about old people in southern groceries stores, you'll understand why it took me two hours to get done today. There was a little old woman and a little old man renewing their licenses, and the woman took 45 minutes to pass the vision test because she couldn't figure out that you had to actually press your head on the little machine to make it light up so you could see the letters. Then she was reading the letters from right to left. She was up there with her walker, and after all that they still gave her a license! Daytime driving only LOL.

However, everyone greeted me with a "how y'all doin' today" and called me hun. And when I got up to the window, the woman processing my application was an Air Force wife, and we chatted and she was wonderful. Best part was that after several trips to the DMV, she said I could have my Virginia license, and that she wouldn't have been nearly as picky as everyone else had been, seeing as we have had four different addresses in less than two years.

So I got my picture taken, and a couple minutes later, was handed my license. And my picture is GORGEOUS! So I skipped out the door, got in the car, and promptly turned to go out the wrong way. *grin*

When I got home, Jere was online so I got to talk to him for a good while. It's nice that he finally has access to the internet on his computer, instead of having to sit in his office until ten at night. Plus now I can IM with him, which is so nice, and so worth what we're having to pay for that privilege. And I found out I correctly recorded the boxing match correctly! Glad I hooked this DVD player up without getting the wires crossed.

And then, I decided to go find the liquor store. My grandma was talking about Bailey's and coffee, and I've been craving it ever since. But when I went to the door, there was a package for me from Jere! YAY more presents!

Let's see. I'll make the rest of this short. I bought Bailey's and Jameson. Went to Walmart and found the perfect clear glass mug. Came home and made the most perfect yummy dinner. And then Ericka told me she's definitely coming here for the 4th of July, YAY! Then amazon emailed to tell me my Playstation will be here tomorrow. And then I made my Irish coffee. And I'm so happy! And a little tipsy. I so need to use less whiskey in the coffee. Whoops. But it looked so pretty!

Anyhow, it's time for bed soon. Miss Ginger says so.

Today's lesson: Enough y'alls and darlin's, and even a hothead like me can have the patience of a saint. Even when it's patience for old people taking up the only two open windows at the DMV.

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