Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am so sick and tired of the boxes and junk everywhere! While my husband is off being all important today, I'm recovering from yesterday's moving induced injuries. Yes, that means I'm going to sit here and not unpack a gosh darn thing today, mostly because I still can't see straight.

Yesterday was great at first! I went and bought some things I needed, hung a picture, and went to the grocery store across the street, which has lovely organic foods everywhere. My mother-in-law was right, I love this store. So I came home with loads of healthy foods, then settled in with some graham crackers and nutella (hey, I have to get the bad foods out of the house, and I hate waste!).

So I went to put some more things away, and decided the only place I had room for the crockpot was on top of my cupboards. I climbed a chair, reached way over my head to put it up there, when the glass lid fell off and whacked me in the head before falling to the counter. I now have a nice bump/dent combination on my forehead. Which matches well with the gash and bruise I have on my neck. Because after I finally got my head to stop throbbing, I came to the computer to print out some scrapbook journaling pages, went to walk out of the room, and tripped over a pile of books into the corner of a stack of desktop organizers, the corner of one hitting me square in the trachea.

I am a lovely splotchy purple mess today. So no more unpacking for me. Not until tomorrow.

Today's lesson: Pretty obvious. Organizing is dangerous. Avoid it at all costs.

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