Friday, April 4, 2008

Busy weekend ahead

I want to take a moment to thank my friends. You all said the sweetest things to make me smile after I announced my feelings of agedness yesterday, and every one of you was completely right. And Joana has now guilted me into scheduling my next trip so I have more travel material to write about (Jo, sorry, I have to blame you, because I think Jere may actually fall over when the credit card bill comes).

Ok, so maybe it won't be my NEXT trip. It's not until December because it was cheaper that way, and this girl loves a deal. Actually, Jere and I thought this one was meant to be, because I wasn't on my travel agent's website looking for a trip when I found it. And I live on that website. No, I was reading the Washington Post (Express edition, much easier to handle as they truncate all the bad news into bite sized snippets). They put in a travel page once a week, and I happened to find a 17 day guided tour of Eastern Europe for an amazing price with air included. So I researched it. And booked it. Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic. Four countries that were never actually on the long list of places I wanted to go before I die.

When I was in Ireland, I became very frustrated by the situation of our dollar. Due to the poor state of things in the US, it was costing me $10 for an egg salad sandwich and $2 for the tiny bag of chips to go with it. Because when converting US dollars to Euro, you have to double it at the current exchange rate. After I got home, I declared to my husband that I was going to boycott all the nations in the European Union until either the value of the dollar went up, or the value of the Euro came down. But that cut the number of safe countries I could travel to down to, well, Japan. And do you have any clue how expensive Japan is? Not that I won't still go, but it kind of ruined the idea of my expensive country boycott.

My husband, after seeing me struggle with planning travel to hard to reach places of the world (20 hour flight, anyone?), said something rather smart. "Boycotting the EU is like boycotting WalMart. The only one that hurts is you." I hate when he's right, and I booked the trip to Europe, but that doesn't mean I'm going back to WalMart.

We move tomorrow! Well, not really move. We get the apartment there, but we still live here. That means there will be a good amount of time to work on the apartment over the weekends. But tomorrow we sign the lease and take down a load of our stuff from here. We have no clue when the Army will decide to show up with our things from storage. They haven't exactly called us back on that one. Let's hope they don't run the semi into anyone's car this time around.

Sunday I've decided to drag Jere to the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms, then over to the Holocaust Museum, as it's the one thing in DC I haven't seen. Yes, the weekend passes are long gone, meaning no one could get in that hadn't reserved a spot, except I'm married to the military. And we're special (at least at this particular museum). In all seriousness, I think it's nice they give the military members and government employees unlimited passes, because most of the people who fall into that category and visit DC's museums live here. And every once in awhile we'd like to do something without tripping over tourists.

Anyhow, if I've said it once, I'll say it again. I should be packing. For the move and for Cali.

Today's lesson:
Dark chocolate with blueberries for an antioxidant boost - $5
Tube of Body Shop eye cream - $13
17 day trip to Europe - $2500
Buying your way out of a quarter-life crisis - Priceless

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