Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now where is my mom going to sleep?

My mom will be here tomorrow (yay!), but I'm worried about the state of this hotel room. We have clutter shoved in every corner, including the area that needs to be clear so we can pull out the couch. I don't exactly have a place I can store it LOL. Oh well. I just hope she doesn't succumb to the claustrophobia monster like I did.

It snowed yesterday, lots of snow. I drove to the metro to pick up Jere, and then over to the commissary, only to find the Virginians were driving like assholes again. The road wasn't even cold enough to freeze, but it caused a back up on the three miles of highway we needed. Just outside of base we had a car cross the shoulder and pull out in front of us. I was just daring his sorry ass to head back to Belvoir so I could chase him down and rip him a new one.

I got lots of treats yesterday! First off, since Jere and I went straight from the metro to the commissary, I got to drag my very important husband around in uniform. *smiles with silver oak leaves twinkling in her eyes* Which means, for once, that no one tried to run me over while shopping on base. I hate when that happens. In fact, everyone was nice and chatty last night because we were all there before the after work rush, and it was quiet and there were no crowds in the frozen food aisle.

Jere took me to the PX, finally, something I think he's been scared to do. I hadn't been to the PX at Belvoir, and what a nice place! Bigger than the one at Myer, and a whole actual petites section! I bought three more dresses (I don't understand my obsession with dresses lately, but I'd better find someplace to wear them). And two pairs of shoes. And a new computer game, which means Jere slept on the couch last night so I could stay up and play.

My weight loss is stalled at the moment. Though I don't know how I can even say that after losing eight pounds. I think I'm just getting impatient. Not to mention I'm constantly on the scale, tracking every ounce. Maybe it's time for Jere to hide it from me. Make sure I can't get on it for at least a month. Then I can be surprised either way LOL. I almost feel like I should go back to the gym, but I honestly don't want to. I have too much going on the next two months to keep up with a regular workout schedule. As long as I'm careful about what I eat, I should continue to lose weight, especially with the things I have planned on my trips. Kayaking, snorkeling, hiking through the jungle, trekking through frozen Ireland. Yep. I'll be plenty busy and plenty active.

Weight Watchers (not that I use them, but someone posted this on a board the other day) says you can't begin to see results until you lose at least 10% of your body weight. That's just over 15 pounds for me, and I'm starting to agree. And get disheartened. My 8 pounds just isn't cutting it. I hate that. I know I'm doing a good job. Jere says he can see a difference, but I think he's full of it LOL.

Today I'm finally watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. No, I haven't seen it before. And seeing Washington, how it used to, and through the eyes of Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra, it makes me want to go explore it again. And sad to move. Of course, this movie is also about corruption of politics, the Senate, and the press. But I haven't gotten that far yet. I think I'll just watch the beginning over and over and over.

Today's lesson: Sometimes it's inspiring to see the now crazy city of Washington through different eyes. It takes a tourist to even momentarily restore awe to those of us who live here.

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