Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big sigh...

Jere walked in, orders in hand last night! Yes, ok, maybe I'm a little psycho for getting excited over the paperwork that will effectively send him to Iraq, but after how much he had to go through to get them, I'm thrilled. Everything is set for the next year, and as every Army wife knows, certainty is worth more than jewels (but worth less than chocolate). Not to mention my husband is getting impatient to get on a plane and start the job at hand! So everyone breathe in.....and out. There, you just joined me in a sigh of relief.

Have you ever thought you're too obsessed with food? I already had strange dreams, but add in a diet, and Freud would have a ball. It used to be naked dreams, sex dreams, falling dreams, tornado dreams. Now it's chocolate milk dreams. Yep. I had a a dream about chocolate milk last night, and I woke up so craving it I was tempted to just have some. But I'm staying strong.

Actually, my scale and I are having a battle of the wills. It's betting I won't hold out while it sits there at the same weight it has for two weeks. But I'm smarter than my scale! I know that I'm walking that line between water weight and fat weight, and the key is slow and steady. Not to mention my scale likes to play games with me. Yesterday morning I weighed three pounds more than I did this morning. What my scale doesn't know? It can be replaced by a younger, sexier model that will tell me sweet (and consistent) lies.

The last couple of months, I've been crazy about eggs. Fried egg sandwiches, omelettes, and now egg salad on toasted double fiber whole wheat bread. Yum! In fact, when Jere went down to grab milk this morning at the hotel's breakfast, I got giddy when he brought me back three hard boiled eggs. I'm a girl that gets way too excited about food.

I stayed up all night again, just unable to sleep. It's not worry or stress or anything like that. It's just a serious lack of tired. I scrapbooked and watched infomercials. Night is the only time I have to entertain myself without movies or my computer. Granted, I have a laptop, but since I'm overwhelmed with creative imagination at night, I don't bother turning it on. A couple days ago, I decorated a cake at two in the morning. Last night, it was packing for our cruise (though not putting things in the suitcase, Jere won't let me take out the luggage because he thinks it traumatizes the cat). Tonight, I'm sure it will be baking cookies. I'm not in the mood to make icing.

I suppose it's time to get back to putzing around the hotel room. Maid's been here. That means the mess left is strictly mine to deal with. Joy.

Today's lesson: Even though your willpower might be great during your waking hours, it doesn't mean your subconscious isn't going to screw with your head during sleep. So subconsciously, I must really want some damn chocolate milk.

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