Wednesday, February 27, 2008

God bless my mother in law

I can bet you my last two husbands never thought I'd say those words.

Yesterday, two beautiful pairs of khaki pants showed up in our mail. When we went to visit my mother in law a couple of weekends ago, I made mention of Jere's terrible dress pants situation (meaning he put them on, and I could grab two handfuls of fabric in front and drag him around with them, they were just so baggy!). Now, I will bet you if I bought pants for my husband, he wouldn't wear them. I have bought him exactly one pair of shorts, which he does wear, but I don't think you can go wrong buying him cammo cargo shorts. Dress pants would be a different story. But since his mother sent them, he will wear them. Which makes me want to do a happy dance!

The evening was a little odd yesterday. I napped for the first time in awhile, which led to me staying up until this morning. I tried to decorate a cake, but I was having so much trouble with crumbs and moisture that it didn't exactly look impressive. But I learned how to make daisies, so mission accomplished. I scrapped until I was ready for bed, and now poor Miss Ginger is trying to recover from my messed up schedule by laying smack in the middle of the bed, passed out cold.

You know it's time to stop buying shoes when you order them, and forget about it. Then again, it's nice to get fun surprises in the mail! Jere came in with a package from for me last night, and I had no clue what I'd ordered. And how can you forget about red Kenneth Cole peep toe pumps?! They're so cute that I wore them around the apartment in my jammies last night.

Minus the still throbbing bump on my head, today is going much better than yesterday. The maid didn't wake me up. My paperwork for my Ireland trip showed up. And I finally managed to book a vacation with our time share. You want a pain in the ass, buy a time share with Sheraton. This was my third call to them, and I've learned they make it as difficult as possible to use your yearly points. Granted, with Jere deploying, this year has been a pain to plan, but my goodness, give me a break! No, we can't go there because it's not the right week. No, we can't book that because we're not within the 90 day window for travel less than a week. No, you don't have enough options points to go there during that time period, but would you like to upgrade to a bigger yearly plan? Of course I don't want to upgrade, because somehow I don't believe that will make this process any easier! If you want to sell bigger time shares, don't be jerky to the people with little ones. Because we won't recommend your ass, and will write nasty scathing blogs about you. So there.

Actually, I'm happy with what we were able to book. We were talking yesterday about going away before his deployment, and how much we wanted to go back to Myrtle Beach, and since the actual time share we own is there, it was easier (not easy, just easier) to go. We just want to hang out, play tennis, go mini golfing, and take in the cheesiness that is the Grand Strand. I occasionally forget why we bought the time share in Myrtle Beach, but we love it there.

Today's lesson: Charles Dickens said, "It is easy to forgive a place once it is left behind." But what about a place you love? I find it goes the other way, and you often begin to forget what made it so wonderful.

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