Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Four months, three shots, two kicking feet, and one hand always in the mouth.

My sweet four month old son is sleeping. I get to call him sweet now, because he isn't driving me quite as insane. He sleeps through the majority of the night, and takes three naps a day. Most of the time, he goes down without a fight. He seems to realize that once he is in his crib, he gets to sleep. He likes sleep.

What is Mr. Churchill up to this month? Well, we started feeding him food from a spoon. He likes the rice cereal, but he has to have his bottle first, otherwise he gets too hungry and impatient. This morning I gave him some oatmeal cereal, and he grabbed the spoon in his impatience, threw it across the room, and started to chew on the bowl. I dread the day he realizes where the food is well enough to find it with his fingers.

Speaking of fingers, he's got those in his mouth all the time now. He's learned how to pick things up, like his favorite rattle. His fingers, no matter what is in them, take the same route, straight to his mouth, everytime.

Winston is full of smiles and laughs. He used to only laugh at his daddy, but I've been graced with a few giggles in the past couple of days. He has a precious smile, and it makes me melt when his little face lights up!

This month saw the purchase of the mommy-mobile (which I love), the mommy-haircut, and a mommy-sized video camera. Handy for catching those moments that need more than a photograph!
Today's lesson: It's sad to watch him grow. But hilarious to watch him eat. :-) It's even more hilarious to watch his daddy make a goof of himself to get a giggle out of Sam.

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