Saturday, April 17, 2010

Excuse me, but he weighs HOW much?

My son. Just call him beefcake. 16 hefty pounds of gorgeous baby! It's heavy enough to demonstrate that he's going to be big and broad like Jerry (and Jerry's dad). And that I'm probably going to have to watch him with the donuts down the road.

We had Sam's two month pediatrician's appointment this past week, and his doctor was in shock at how hefty he is. As was I. She wasn't one bit worried, however, as his height and head size are above the average as well. He's happy, healthy, and strong. And will probably be starting solid foods right around the time of his next appointment, since his appetite is so monstrous.

I am grateful he's not one of those obscenely fat babies, though. You don't look at him and think, "Gee, that baby is in the 99th percentile for weight." He's surprisingly solid. His shoulders are so wide! He's still comfortably in some 0-3 months clothes, however.

With growing maturity and weight come longer sleeps. He's going to bed later, which bothered me at first. And then he slept for 5 hours one night. And then 6 hours. Last night? I'm actually embarassed to admit that he slept for a whopping 9 hours! He woke up once around 3:30, but I didn't even make it to his room before he had passed back out.

My mother came to help me out last weekend, thank goodness. After about 3-4 weeks, I hit the wall and need a weekend of homework and sleep. This usually coincides with a big paper coming due. This weekend was no different, and once I handed off my son to my mother, my brain seemed to click back on. Paper done in no time, and I felt human again.

We decided to hit the mall to get the adorable shark outfit I saw at Gymboree for Sam. At the same time, I decided to give up and buy some bigger clothes. Anyone who has followed my blog over the past couple of years has gotten to see my journey with weight loss. I went from a size 14 to a size 6 over the course of a year in order to get my fertility under control. I was in love with my new body. And the healthy lifestyle obviously served its purpose. I have a beautiful brute for a son! But my figure is shot, and I hated staring at my clothes, knowing that only about 5% of them fit. So I bought some bigger clothes. And stored the smaller ones where they aren't on display, mocking my baby weight.

Speaking of the mall, my husband and son are there. I'm not sure why Jere wanted to take Sam to the mall today, other than Jerry realized the gift card I got him for our anniversary was still sitting in the drawer. I should be taking the opportunity to exercise or do homework. Instead, I think I will take a nap.

Today's lesson: What you see is not always what you get. Whether it's a normal looking baby who weighs as much as two gallons of milk, or a size 12 with the closet of a size 6.

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My Sweet Side said...

hey girl, I have been wondering about you. Congratulations on your new baby boy ! Of course i love his name Sam ! email me at hugs. tami