Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Organization + Planning + Etiquette = True Love

There's something so beautiful about plans. Something enchanting about lists and clean lines and everything in its place. I've spent some time planning my friend Kelli's bridal shower lately, and I'm enjoying it so much! Today I addressed the invitations. Is there anything prettier than a stack of neatly addressed invitations?

Let's delve further into this obsession with neatness and niceness. I'm a planner. I keep a calendar on the wall, buy birthday cards six months ahead of time, and finish Christmas shopping in October (if not sooner). I have a box in the closet filled with presents so that I'm always prepared just in case I forget (not that I ever give myself that opportunity).

What's that? Is that a giant etiquette book? And what is that stacked next to it? Is that.....no way. A stack of ridiculously expensive stationary?! Oh, yes it is. I love the feel of good stationary between my fingers and under my pen. It gives me happy shivers. And having the answers to all my questions about the proper way to address said stationary before I send it off at my fingertips makes me absolutely giddy.

I love order. I love proper behavior. I may swear like a sailor at home, but when out in girl world, as someone so sweetly put it to me yesterday, I am "classy." Playing by the rules is just as fun as breaking them.

Though I am prone to reset the table in restaurants when it's not properly done when I sit down.

And our child had better come out of the womb expecting routines and slightly psychopathic organization. We don't even know the sex of the baby, but he or she is already well set up with a neatly organized dresser.

But wait! What is THIS? Is that my DESK????

Today's lesson: Everyone has a dark side. Despite the bookshelves organized by subject and the very neatly addressed stationary that leaves my mailbox, I, too, have a wild side. I mean, it's only a messy desk, but inside I feel like it's the ultimate rebellion. *grin*


Feisty Irish Wench said...

Your desk...my whole house...I crave order and neatness too, but no one could ever tell by looking at my house.
See, what had happened was... I gave up trying. My energy was required elsewhere anyway.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. My desk looks worse.