Monday, June 29, 2009

Make a wish!

There is a wishing well in Corfu at the Monastery of the Virgin Mary. The monks say you have to toss a coin into the well over your right shoulder and think your wish…

…and toss!

Ah, to be a dreamer.

This monastery was so peaceful, despite the heat and the throng of tourists. Even I looked mollified.

In fact, this may have been the second happiest day of the cruise for me. It was ranked first until later, but, as you know, I’m writing this way after the fact.

This was the coldest water ever. Colder than Lake Superior in the fall.

But I’m the happiest girl with goosebumps.

Today’s lesson: Getting your feet wet can be even better than diving in head first. Especially if the experience is bound to shock you either way.

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Feisty Irish Wench said...

Looks lovely!
I'm traveling vicariously through you, so keep posting! LOL