Saturday, March 1, 2008

I don't want to leave my Sims and cat!

First off, I'm glad I'm moving. The cost of boarding my cat has gone bonkers. Some of you may remember that I hired an awesome petsitting service while I lived in Arlington, but they don't come all the way out here, so I had to resort to taking G back to the vet while I'm gone. She hates it there. She was due for her rabies vaccine, which I said was fine, but then they said they require her yearly exam to give her the vaccine. Which balloons a $19 shot into a $275 investment. On top of the boarding. I was pissed. I'm still pissed. I'll be even more pissed (and probably vocally so) when I have to go pay this stupid bill. In no world should my cat's yearly exam cost more than my own. Plus I have to pay for two extra days boarding because their office hours blow. Nothing like holding out that expensive information until the last minute when I have no other choice.

I've already found a vet I love down in Staunton. They have boarder pick up hours on Sunday! I love any clinic that has a well put together website, and they just look so friendly. They even have cat condos with outside views. Hopefully, G won't need another exam, and her records will be sufficient, as she has so many of them. That's one well cared for cat, I tell ya. But I'm going to need to get her in so I can make it back to Michigan in May. Holy cow, I'm busy.

I bought the newest Sims expansion pack today, and now I'm hesitant to leave my computer. I've gotten up to do laundry and finish packing, but I'm completely glued to the screen now that those things are done. Imagine that. I'm actually sad to leave behind my computer for the 84 degree Caribbean. LOL. Oh well. It won't be a problem tomorrow when I'm on deck drinking something sinful, pulling away from Miami.

Today, I retired Jere's scale. While wandering around the PX, I spotted the most gorgeous scale that measures not only weight, but body fat percentage. I got home, put lovely fresh batteries in it, and hopped on. Jere's scale lies. I'm not nearly as heavy as his scale made me, but I didn't believe it, so I swayed and hopped, and the weight only moved about half a pound (unlike the old one, which had at least a four pound margin of error). Didn't I say the scale could be replaced?
We have to leave here in just a few hours, and I'm so darn excited! I'm packed, I'm happy, and I'm ready for some fun in the hot hot sun!

Until then, I'm going to play with my Sims.

Today's lesson: Don't buy something fun the day before you travel if you can't bring it with you. Pretty obvious lesson.

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