Monday, March 31, 2008

Huh. I should leave more often.

It is AMAZING the amount of stuff my husband got done while I was gone! I actually doubt me being gone had anything to do with it, as Jere's usually on top of things as it is, but by leaving and coming back, I really didn't have to do the waiting and nagging part. Which is nice for both of us. No sooner had I stepped back into our hotel room did Jere have the lease ready for me to sign, the power of attorney finished, and the worksheets filled out for his part of our will. That's a lot of big steps in one week!

You know what's creepy? Doing your will. Especially when you're so young and you have no children to leave your money to. But we sat down and figured out exactly what we wanted for now, and who gets what, and everything's basically set to go. It's an unpleasant task, and the sooner it's over, the better. Luckily, we came up with some of the same ideas, and didn't have to debate anything.

Ginger, however, does not feel I should go away more often, even though she and Jere appear to have had a fine time together. She won't let me out of her sight, and yowls when I go into the bathroom. Right now she's camped out on the bed next to my desk, which is an improvement over her refusing to leave my lap. Jere got her addicted to ham while I was gone, so we went out and bought some more this weekend, because she's pretty darn funny. And vicious. Over ham. LOL.

This next weekend we start moving. I'm so happy! We won't be officially out of Washington until the end of next month, but we can start moving in our things. We've already contacted the people who move our stuff out of storage, so it will all get there early enough for me to sort through it. And the shopping spree that will follow, YAY! I'm ready to be out of this small space.
I'm already trying to plan my next big adventure, and the list of countries I'm considering is getting long: Japan, Iceland, Peru, Russia. All the options are making me crazy! I finally travelled enough to need new luggage (thank you, US Air, for putting the final nail in my pink suitcase's coffin), and bought something bigger, since airlines are charging for your second piece now. I also bought something cheap, because I really didn't want to be sad when it got beat up. I saw how airlines treat people's luggage while I was sitting in Philadelphia. It was pouring rain, and the ground was covered in puddles, and one of the luggage carts goes flying around a corner and dumped a whole bunch of luggage onto the wet ground. AND LEFT IT! Finally, some other cart notices the luggage lying on the pavement and picked it up. Seriously, how are you supposed to get things from one place to another when you know there's at least a 50% chance of the airlines breaking it? Why can't there be laws about this stuff?

Anyhow, Jere and I hung out yesterday and had a blast. We went to Michael's and bought scrapping stuff (he pretends he has no clue, but then manages to pick out the cutest embellishments because he knows they match what I already have), then over to Best Buy and Target before deciding we wanted TGI Friday's for dinner. Not someplace we eat very often, but the appetizers were calling us. We ate a huge meal, then dessert, and got dessert to go on top of it. And our waitress rocked. I love good waitresses.

Well, back to packing. I have too much to do to sit on my ass all day.

Today's lesson: You never know what people will do when they don't think they're being watched. There's a reason why your luggage goes back on that belt to the airline's secret place where you can't see it. Because if we all saw what they actually did to our luggage, we'd start smashing our things into our carry ons.

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